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MAND provide pressure and lifting system design, inspection and consultancy services. Contact us today for design, testing or inspection for your lift or pressure system. 


MAND provide professional lift and pressure consultancy and inspection services for clients in all sectors throughout the United Kingdom. Our
work involves correctly designing equipment to be installed, and our ongoing involvement with clients ensures they are compliant with legislation.

We provide statutory inspections to ensure compliance with the Lifting Operations Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) & Pressure Systems Safety Regulations. We can also assist clients who require an expert witness report or specialist consultancy services.

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We provide testing for pressure, lifting and electrical equipment systems to ensure it's safe to operate in accordance to UK safety regulations.


MAND provide robust lift and pressure system design services for domestic and commercial use. Our designs are compliant with regulations and ensure all factors are considered.


MAND offer maintenance to lifting equipment and pressure systems around the UK, ensuring systems are kept in good standing whilst minimising risk.


MAND provide inspection services for lift and pressure systems to ensure they are safe to operate and reduce the probability of serious injury to workers or residents.


MAND provide expert lift consultancy services including expert witness reports in relation to failed equipment, wrong design, injuries and lease/rent reviews.


MAND provide refurbishment and modernisation services for out of date and redundant lifting and pressure systems equipment throughout the UK.

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Contact us with the requirements of your lift, pressure or electrical systems.

How do I know when I need my lift inspected?

You may need your lift inspected for the following reasons: Your lift has not been inspected for at least six months. Your lift components are out of date. A lift passenger has been injured using your lift. Your lift may require refurbishment. There may have been an incident that could have damaged the integrity of

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What is PSSR?

PSSR regulates how pressure systems are designed, inspected and operated around the UK. Ensuring your pressure systems are compliant with PSSR is important to prevent unwanted injury or loss of life. PSSR stands for pressure system safety regulations.   This Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) and guidance, produced in support of the Pressure Systems Safety

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What is LOLER?

LOLER governs the way lifts are designed, maintained and operated within the UK, ensuring your lift is compliant with LOLER regulation ensures the safe operation of lifts for lift passengers around the UK. Failure to comply with LOLER could be a criminal offence so booking regular inspections can help prevent unwanted injury or loss of

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Most frequent questions and answers

MAND PLS provide inspections, testing and maintenance for lift, electrical and pressure systems across the UK. MAND also provide expert witness reports for lifting systems, we have a 100% success rate on all expert witness cases.

Your lift should be tested at least every six months to ensure there are no defaults that would cause death or injury to the passengers of the lift. 

A comprehensive inspection should be carried out at least every six months but if your lift is regularly used, more regular inspections  should be carried out to ensure the integrity of the lift is maintained.

Inspections should be carried out on a bi-yearly basis, if there has been a modification to the lift that could effect the integrity and lift functions then an immediate inspection should be carried out to ensure the lift is safe to operate.

Lift owners can often be unsure on what service they require for their lift, you can see a comprehensive list of common FAQs on our FAQ page or imply contact us and book a consultation today.

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