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MAND PLS is a leading engineering company founded in 2009 offering comprehensive engineering and consultancy services nationwide. We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions to offer unparalleled expertise in line with industry standards. 


Our Vision

Our motto is service, excellence, and delivery. We strive to be the leading provider within the lifting industry, offering our services within the public and private sectors. We believe in maintaining sustainable long-lasting client relationships, providing cost-effective solutions to ensure end-user safety.

Our Values

The ethos that underpins our company operations is our exceptional customer service. We adopt a flexible and proactive approach by understanding each of our client’s specific needs to ensure maximum satisfaction. Our team consists of knowledgeable professionals with extensive expertise in the lifting industry who are passionate about offering unparalleled levels of customer service.


LOLER Examinations

At MAND PLS, we take LOLER regulations seriously to uphold the highest standards of safety and compliance in our operations. Learn more.

Consultancy Services

At MAND PLS, our Lift Consultancy services are a testament to our commitment to excellence and safety in vertical transportation systems.

Quality Audits

At MAND PLS, we take a meticulous and comprehensive approach to delivering quality audits for lifting equipment to ensure the highest standards of safety.

Contract Services

Our contract administration services are tailored to align seamlessly with your unique requirements. With our experienced professionals overseeing contract compliance.


Condition Surveys

The primary objective of a condition survey is to assess the physical condition, identify any defects, and provide an overall understanding of the asset’s state. We ensure that our condition surveys align with relevant regulations and industry standards.

Quality Audits

MAND PLS collaborates closely with clients to understand their specific legal needs and objectives. This collaborative approach ensures that our expert witness reports align with the client’s legal strategy and goals.

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