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Lift Services (LOLER)

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Lift Inspection

About our lift inspection service

We carry out statutory lift inspections for lifts in a domestic or commercial setting. The most common lift inspection we provide is a LOLER lift inspection. These inspections are required to ensure your lift is compliant with UK lift safety laws and regulations.

Do you need a lift inspection?

If your lift hasn’t been inspected for at least six months it would be highly recommend to request a lift inspection, this ensures your lift is operating safely and that your taking responsibility as a lift owner to ensure the risk of injury or death of the passengers using your lift is minimised.


Lift Maintenance

About our lift maintenance Service

MAND provide lift maintenance services to ensure each aspect of the lift responsible for it’s safe operation is not subject to extensive wear and tear. Our lift  maintenance engineer will check each part of the lift including the electronic system that operates the lift. 

Do you need lift maintence?

If you haven’t had a lift inspection it will be hard to establish if maintenance of the lift is required, ensuring you have regular lift inspections can reduce lift maintenance costs in the long term as any issues with the lift can quickly be established and rectified to preserve the integrity of the lift compartments.


Lift Consultancy

About our lift consultancy service

We provide lift consultancy services for various clients who require expert lift advice, this could be for a new lift installation or for litigation purposes. We take a personal approach when providing consultancy services to clients to ensure we understand their requirements and primary objectives.

Do you need lift consultancy services?

You may require our lift consultancy services if you require expert advice on a new lift installation or design. You may also require our consultancy services pre-litigation to decide on your best options, utilising expert lift advice can save you a lot of time and money in most situations.


Lift Design

About our lift design services

We provide unique lift design services to ensure all lift designs are compliant with UK safety laws and regulations while providing lifts that are spacious and aesthetically pleasing for the lift passengers.

Do you need lift design services?

You may require our lift design services if you have a new project that requires lifts in the building or if you’re replacing an old lift. 

Pressure System Services (PSSR)

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Pressure Inspection

About our pressure System inspection services

Our pressure system inspection services are important for companies who use pressure systems as part of their business model such as laundrettes. Unsafe pressure systems can result in serious injury or death due to the nature of the system, ensuring your pressure system is regularly inspected can help prevent the unsafe operation of your pressure system. 

Do you need a pressure system inspection?

Most pressure system inspections are carried our for commercial purposes, companies using a large volume of pressure systems on a regular basis should ensure the pressure systems are inspected on  regular basis.


Pressure Design

About Our Pressure System Design Service

MAND provide pressure system design for business who require a new installation of pressure systems that are compliant with PSSR, pressure system design is a primary factor in ensuring the longevity of the system is maintained and to reduce long term running costs for the business. 

Do you need pressure system design?

You may require pressure system design if your current pressure system is outdated or has been deemed unsafe to operate. Our unique pressure system designs ensure businesses maximise the functionality of the system while keeping running costs to a minimum. 

Electrical Services

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Electrical Inspection

About our electrical inspection services

MAND provide robust electrical inspection services for electrical systems such as circulation pumps, compressors, manufacturing systems, refrigeration plant and motor control panels. 

Do I need an electrical inspection?

If your business operates the above listed equipment in a commercial setting it would be advice to book regular electrical inspections to ensure equipment is operating safely and there are no unknown defects that could result in injury or death.


Electrical maintenance

About our electrical maintenance service

MAND provide electrical maintenance for systems that may require replacing or are out of date and not using UK approved safety standard compartments as part of the electrical system. We inspect each compartment to ensure it’s functioning safely and will replace any broken or out of date parts.

Do you require electrical maintenance?

Your business may require electrical maintenance services if your current system us out of date.

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