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PSSR ensures the safe operation of pressure systems in the UK

PSSR ensures the safe operation and design of pressure systems in the UK, failure to ensure your pressure system is compliant with PSSR could be a criminal offence or even result in the injury or death of staff at the site the pressure system is operating in.


PSSR employs the best safety practices and recommendations to ensure pressure systems can be operated safely.

PSSR Compliant

We ensure your pressure system is operating lawfully by checking it is compliant with PSSR, so operators can use it safely.


PSSR is a lawful requirement ensuring the safe operation and pressure systems around the England and the UK.

Best Practices

MAND employ the best safety practices to ensure staff and residents or workers are always safe on site.

How often?

You should have a PSSR inspection at least every six months to ensure the safe operation of your pressure system.


MAND provide detailed reports on our PSSR inspections so owners can understand the current state of their system.


How do I know when I need my lift inspected?

You may need your lift inspected for the following reasons: Your lift has not been inspected for at least six months. Your lift components are out of date. A lift passenger has been injured using your lift. Your lift may require refurbishment. There may have been an incident that could have damaged the integrity of

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What is PSSR?

PSSR regulates how pressure systems are designed, inspected and operated around the UK. Ensuring your pressure systems are compliant with PSSR is important to prevent unwanted injury or loss of life. PSSR stands for pressure system safety regulations.   This Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) and guidance, produced in support of the Pressure Systems Safety

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What is LOLER?

LOLER governs the way lifts are designed, maintained and operated within the UK, ensuring your lift is compliant with LOLER regulation ensures the safe operation of lifts for lift passengers around the UK. Failure to comply with LOLER could be a criminal offence so booking regular inspections can help prevent unwanted injury or loss of

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The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR) cover the safe design and use of pressure systems. The aim of PSSR is to prevent serious injury from the hazard of stored energy (pressure) as a result of the failure of a pressure system or one of its component parts.

If you manage a business that operates a pressure system you have a legal obligation to ensure regular inspection of your pressure system to ensure it’s operating safely and compliant with PSSR. 

Yes, we can provide pressure system design services for your business, contact us with your requirements today. 

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