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LOLER ensures the safe operation of passenger lifts in the UK

LOLER ensures passengers lifts are operated, designed and maintained safely in the UK. This reduced the chance of injury or death to lift passengers and ensures lift owners understand their requirements in ensuring the safe use of their lift.


LOLER employs the best safety practices and recommendations to ensure lifts can be operated safely.

LOLER Compliant

We ensure your lift is operating lawfully by checking it is compliant with LOLER, so passengers can use it safely.


LOLER is a legal requirement ensuring the safe operation and lift passengers is a lawful requirement which is governed by LOLER.

Best Practices

MAND employ the best safety practices to ensure staff and residents or workers are always safe on site.

How often?

You should have a LOLER inspection at least every six months to ensure the safe operation of your lift.


MAND provide detailed reports on our LOLER inspections so lift owners can understand the current state of their lift.


How do I know when I need my lift inspected?

You may need your lift inspected for the following reasons: Your lift has not been inspected for at least six months. Your lift components are out of date. A lift passenger has been injured using your lift. Your lift may require refurbishment. There may have been an incident that could have damaged the integrity of

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What is PSSR?

PSSR regulates how pressure systems are designed, inspected and operated around the UK. Ensuring your pressure systems are compliant with PSSR is important to prevent unwanted injury or loss of life. PSSR stands for pressure system safety regulations.   This Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) and guidance, produced in support of the Pressure Systems Safety

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What is LOLER?

LOLER governs the way lifts are designed, maintained and operated within the UK, ensuring your lift is compliant with LOLER regulation ensures the safe operation of lifts for lift passengers around the UK. Failure to comply with LOLER could be a criminal offence so booking regular inspections can help prevent unwanted injury or loss of

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Most frequent questions and answers

LOLER stands for Lifting Operation and Lifting Equipment Regulations, it governs the way lifts are operated, designed and inspected in the UK. LOLER is lawful requirement, under regulation 9 of LOLER the lift owner/manager is required to organise a thorough examination of the lift.UK and lift owners not following LOLER could be committing an offense.

Lifts, lifting equipment or their attachments, which lifts or carries people is required every six months. General lifting equipment, which falls under LOLER and not carrying passengers every twelve months.

If you require an urgent lift inspection you should contact us as soon as possible to book an appointment or find out how quickly we can get an engineer down to you.

If your lift hasn’t been inspected it would be difficult to determine if your lift requires maintenance, if you think there is a problem with your lift, booking an inspection as soon as possible can help towards reducing damage to the lift and putting the safety of passengers at risk. 

This will depend on your requirements, it’s always best to contact us to discuss your requirements so we can gain a better understanding of how we can assist you. 

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