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MAND PLS LTD provides expert pressure and lift consultancy services around the UK & Ireland, offering bespoke solutions for clients with diverse and unique requirements. 

We specialise in Lifts, Escalators, Cradles, Building Maintenance Units, StairLifts and Pressure Plant.




MAND PLS are a unique company with a multidisciplinary approach to offering bespoke solutions and providing our clients with holistic solutions. Our consultancy services coupled with a specialist in house compliance team ensure clients meet their duties under the LOLER and PSSR regulations. We are an industry leader insuring compliance with rates of 98% and above.

We provide bespoke solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of each of our clients.

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Our Team

We have a professional team on hand to assist you at every stage.

Hugh Gray


Wayne Lindsay


Clara Foley

Bid Manager

Rebecca Guthrie

Operations Manager

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